Kules Residency, Ex Factory, 2014.

As part of my micro residency at KULES, I have been exploring and discovering the environment of the old Olympus engineering factory through the role of a cleaner. 'Discovery' is a significant word for this residency, Not only have I been discovering the setting through acting as a cleaner, I have been discovering as an artist, seeing potential for artworks through treating my time at the residency as performance. Cleaning materials have become art materials and are displayed as artworks, either situated in their original form or displayed as a result of a cleaning routine. All the works that are shown show a glimpse of my discovery of the factory through evidence of cleaning highlighting the abandonment of the factory and its death through the dust been left to stand still all this time.

As the cleaner I have my own cupboard space which is exposed for the public to view, inside you can view all materials used throughout the short residency. One of the works shown in the KULES Kleaning Kupboard space is 'Ashes to Ashes: Dust to Dust' which consists of 3 jars filled with dust and debris of the factory displayed under light, the dust becomes the ashes of the factory, highlighting its death.

Ex-Factory, Installation view, 2014.

Artist at Work, 2014, Installation, A2 Foam Board sign.

Discovery, 2014, Installation,
(Microfiber cloth, floor wipes, rubber gloves, Cloth, Kitchen roll).

KULES Kleaning Kupboard, 2014, Installation.
Cleaning equipment: (Bleach bottle, Cloths, Vacuum , Mop, Brushes, Anti-bacterial spray, Duster buster, windowlene).

Work in Progress, 2014, Installation.
1 'A' Board Cleaning Sign, 2 Microfiber cloths, 2 Microfiber Sponges, 2 Hard Brushes, 2 scrubbing brushes with handles.

You Missed Abit, 2014, Installation,
Window, Windowlene.

You Missed Abit, 2014, detail.

You Missed Abit, 2014, detail,

You Missed Abit 2, 2014, Installation,
Window, Windowlene.

Ashes to Ashes: Dust to Dust 2, 2014, Installation.
Dust, shelf.

Ashes to Ashes: Dust to Dust 2, 2014, Installation.
Dust, shelf.