Home Is Where The Art Is, The Line Between, 2013.

'Home is where the Art is' highlights the crossovers between the Domestic home and Art. The performative installation starts out as a blank canvas, a typical domestic living space however rather surreal with everything being so white and pure. Then on the opening night of the exhibition the audience views the installation as the surreal pure white living room setup, then unexpectidly I enter the space, myself dressed in white, camoflaging myself into the installation. I then brought out various coloured inks and set about a live performance, spraying the white room into bright colour. Once the colours were added to the installation I sprayed water to drip the colour down the walls and fabrics after this I then used bleach to scribble abstract drawings into the fabrics in the installtion and on the walls. The bleach was used as a erasing tool to take back the colour and reveal the white pure canvas again.